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Spider-Man 342 (1st Cardiac)

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Spider-Man 342 – Decembrie 1990
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“The Jonah Trade” Powerless – Script by David Michelinie. Pencils by Erik Larsen. Inks by Randy Emberlin. Cover by Erik Larsen and Al Gordon. The last issue the powerless web-slinger got by with a little help from his friends! But that was against the Tarantula! Next up: the Scorpion! Yikes! Similar to the Tarantula’s modus operandi, the pointy-tailed villain takes a hostage (in this instance J. Jonah Jameson) and demands a swap for the wondrous wall-crawler! And again like last issue, the powerless Spider-Man makes a call for assistance…to the Black Cat! Will Felicia rush to the aid of her former boyfriend one more time? And what does Mary Jane think about all this? It doesn’t matter now, because the Scorpion can’t wait! First appearance of Dr. Elias Wirtham (aka Cardiac). Cameo appearances by Aunt May and the Chameleon. 32 pages. $1.00 cover price. Cover price $1.00.


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