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Spider-Man 338 (Sinister Six)

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Spider-Man 338 – Septembrie 1990
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“Death from Above!” The Return of the Sinister Six Part 5 of 6. Script by David Michelinie. Pencils by Erik Larsen. Inks by Mike Machlan. Cover by Erik Larsen and Al Gordon. At last, the Sinister Six make their move! Just minutes before Cordco’s satellite launches into outer space, Dr. Octopus and his partners in crime storm the control center! If Doc Ock loads his poison-filled canisters on the satellite, the whole planet will be in jeopardy! Unfortunately by the time the web-slinger arrives at the launch pad; the Hobgoblin, Vulture, Mysterio, and Electro are running amok! But what about the Sandman? Would he help Spider-Man stop the launch? Time is running out! Cameo appearances by Mr. Fantastic, Aunt May, Jonathan Caesar, and Mary Jane Watson. 32 pages. $1.00 cover price. Cover price $1.00.


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