Nick Fury SHIELD 1 (Steranko)

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Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD 1 – Iunie 1968
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Cover by Jim Steranko. The first appearance of Scorpio in “Who Is Scorpio?”, script by Jim Steranko, pencils by Jim Steranko, inks by Joe Sinnott; Fury sneaks into an island fortress, only to get shot in the back. Surprise!; It’s an L.M.D., and the shooter is the real Fury!; But on examination, Dugan informs Fury the L.M.D.’s been shot 4 times, not 3 – which means, someone tried to assassinate him!; The only clue is a tiny badge with a “Scorpio” symbol on it; In San Francisco, comic Flip Mason’s on the run from gambling debts; In Kansas City, racketeer Mitch Hackett looks forward to joining the mob. In NYC, Fury & Val walk in the rain; At the Monza Autodrome, Count Julio Scarlotti wins a race – and we see he has a Scorpio tattoo on his wrist; Days later in Nevada, Fury helps test an “EPB G-System” (Entrope Phase Barrier Guard System), a force field which is hoped may one day protect entire armies. As SHIELD prepares one final test (with an H-Bomb!) we see the tech firing the missile has a Scorpio tattoo on his wrist; Fury suddenly realizes the EPB’s down, and nobody answers his comm; He races across the desert to a rocket sled used by NASA to escape as the missile descends on the spot he was relaxing; At the U.S. Government Research Center in Las Vegas, everyone’s been put to sleep with gas by Scorpio – when Fury arrives via motorcycle. Letter to the editor from comics writer Don McGregor. Cover price $0.12.


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