Marvel Comics Presents 72 (1st Weapon X)

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Marvel Comics Presents 72 – Martie 1991
Starea benzii desenate – VF (stare foarte buna)

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Primul Weapon X Program! Multiple alte prime aparitii. 

Wolverine in Weapon X: Prologue – by Barry Windsor-Smith (script, cover, and art); Shanna the She-Devil in “The Bush of Ghosts – Part 5: Ant Hills of the Savannah” by Gerard Jones (script) & Paul Gulacy (art); Daredevil in “Redemption Song – Part 4: A Momentary Taste of Being” by Sandy Plunkett (script & art) & Dwayne Turner (art); Red Wolf in “Flesh of My Flesh” by Fabian Nicieza (script) & Javier Saltares (art); Bengal, Lobo (wolf partner of Red Wolf) appearance.


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