Judge Dredd 1

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Judge Dredd 1 – Noiembrie 1983
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Script by John Wagner, Art by Brian Bolland. In a world ravaged by the Atomic War, one man will bring law to the lawless. He is judge, jury, and executioner. His name: Judge Dredd! Welcome to Mega-City One, population 800,000,000, a metropolis that sprawls the entire length of the eastern seaboard of the US. Finding it impossible to deal with crime in the old-fashioned ways of the 21st century, a tribunal founds the Academy of Law, a place where children are raised to become the ultimate in law enforcement. The greatest of these is Judge Dredd, a man for whom the law is absolute. Can one man’s vision of justice reign in the chaos of human nature?

Find out in this excellent series from Eagle/Quality Comics. This issue: The Coming of Judge Death. When a mysterious force is killing people at random, it’s up to Dredd to find this criminal and deal with it Judge-Style! Also, The Forever Crimes! A rich dead woman holds the secrets to the biggest blackmailing ring in Mega-City One and it’s up to Dredd to piece the clues together. And finally, Punks Rule! When street punks start dealing with their own brand of justice, can Dredd teach them that only licensed judges have the right to determine the law? Cover price $1.00.


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