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House of Secrets 92 (Primul Swamp Thing)

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House of Secrets 92 – Iulie 1971
Starea benzii desenate – VG/VG+ (stare buna, mici semne de uzura – vizualizati fotografii)

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Unul dintre cele mai faimoase si inedite personaje din Bronze Age incepe AICI, intr-o poveste marca Bernie Wrightson – SWAMP THING, prima aparitie! 

Arta cover de Bernie Wrightson. “Swamp Thing,” script de Len Wein, arta de Berni Wrightson;

Sometime in the last century, Alex Olsen and Damien Ridge had been best friends; However, they both vied for the affections of a woman named Linda. Linda eventually married Alex and Damien had to endure his heartache in the form of the supportive friend; But his desire for Linda overrode the bonds of friendship and he conspired to eliminate Alex; He sabotaged the equipment in Alex’s lab causing an explosion that killed him; Keeping the knowledge hidden from Linda, Damien buried Alex’s body in the swamp; Damien eventually married the widow Olsen and they lived together in an old Victorian plantation house; But Linda never recovered from Alex’s death; As months passed, Damien began to suspect that Linda might soon learn the truth, so he prepared to kill her; But Alex had been resurrected as a swamp thing and broke into the house and killed Damien.

“After I Die!”, script de Jack Kirby si Mark Evanier, arta de Bill Draut; A wealthy man named Maxwell James is obsessed with what happens after death; his obsession only grows stronger when he arrives at his wife’s deathbed, and realizes that she sees something utterly horrifying in her final moments.

“It’s Better to Give,” script de Mary Skrenes (ca “Virgil North”), creioane de Alan Weiss, culori Tony DeZuniga; A homeless man encounters a crying baby warlock in the town dump who is upset that he has broken his balloon.

“Trick or Treat” two-page story, arta de Dick Dillin.


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