House of Secrets 116

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House of Secrets 116 – Februarie 1974
Starea benzii desenate – FN- (mici semne de uzura, bine prinsa, completa)

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Cover art by Luis Dominguez. “Like Father, Like Son,” script by Jack Oleck, art by Nestor Redondo; A man makes a deal with a witch to supply a maiden in exchange for gold; He asks the witch if there is any way to avoid damnation when dealing with the Devil and she tells him that he can escape Hell if he sacrifices his own son; He brings the young girl to the coven and they tell him that he can return for her the following morning; When he comes back he finds that the events of the evening have destroyed her sanity. “Puglyon’s Crypt,” script by David Michelinie, art by Ramona Fradon; A man with a fear of premature burial kicks some gypsy squatters out of his warehouse telling them to find somewhere else to stay for the winter; Since his father used to punish him by locking him in the family crypt overnight, he decides to have his casket built with a ventilation pipe and a door which opens from the inside out; After the specifications are complete, his vehicle gets into an accident wherein a small piece of window glass in his brain causes a temporary paralysis long enough for him to be considered dead and interred in his casket. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.20.


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