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Green Lantern 87 (KEY primul John Stewart)

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Green Lantern/Green Arrow 87 – Ianuarie 1972
Starea benzii desenate – VG/VG+ (stare in general buna, bine prinsa, completa, semne de uzura coperta – vezi foto)

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NUMAR CHEIE, highly collectible – primul JOHN STEWART!

Giant-size issue. Cover de Neal Adams.

First appearance of John Stewart in Beware My Power, script by Denny O’Neil, pencils by Neal Adams, inks by Dick Giordano; When Guy Gardner is injured, the Guardians of the Universe instruct Hal Jordan to train another back-up, but John Stewart has different ideas about how to be a Lantern; When an attempt is seemingly made on the life of racist politician Jeremiah Clutcher, John Stewart figures out that the attack was faked and part of a cynical plot to get Clutcher elected president. What Can One Man Do?, script by Elliot Maggin, pencils by Neal Adams, inks by Dick Giordano; After Green Arrow witnesses the death of a young boy in a riot, he decides that he might be able to do more for his city as its mayor. Reprint back-up story: Earth’s First Green Lantern!, (from Green Lantern 16), script by Gardner Fox, pencils by Gil Kane, inks by Murphy Anderson; Hal Jordan explains to Pieface why Abin Sur came to Earth in a spaceship when all Green Lanterns can travel thru space unaided. The Flash ad. 52 pgs., full color. $0.25.


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