Ghost Rider 28 (Primii Midnight Sons)

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Ghost Rider 28 – August 1992
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Rise of the Midnight Sons: Part 1 of 6 – ” Visions!” Guest-starring Doctor Strange. Written by Howard Mackie. Art by Andy Kubert and Joe Kubert. Ghost Rider captures two criminals who murdered an elderly woman and deposits them in the mausoleum where he has kept Blackout, Stern, and dozens of other criminals captive. At the Ketch house, Stacy and Gerard Dolan console Francis Ketch over Dan’s disappearance. Dolan then gets a call that the police are about to arrest Ghost Rider and leaves to assist. At the cemetery, a man calling himself the Caretaker greets Johnny Blaze and Ghost Rider and tells them the police have surrounded the cemetery. Ghost Rider opens the mausoleum to find all of his captives dead, and, within the void, Dan’s spirit experiences a vision given to him by Lilith of an assemblage of supernatural heroes. Blackout and Stern emerge from the crypt and Blackout bites Ghost Rider, causing them to experience Lilith’s vision as well. Blackout realizes Lilith is his mother and vows to find her. Blackout and Stern flee the mausoleum amidst police gunfire. Michael Badilino, the officer in charge, enters the mausoleum to arrest Ghost Rider, but Caretaker hits him with a shovel and leads Ghost Rider and Blaze through underground tunnels to an unoccupied section of the cemetery. Blackout attempts to flee on a bike Blaze stored in the cemetery but flees on foot when Blaze sets the bike ablaze hellfire. Blaze, on the flaming bike, and Ghost Rider leaves to meet with the Quentin Carnival in Rhode Island, and Caretaker asks the arriving Doctor Strange if he believes he can defeat Lilith. Story continues in Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance (1992) #1. 32 pages, FC. Cover price $2.50.


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