Fighting War Stories 1

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Fighting War Stories 1 – August 1952
Starea benzii desenate – FR (Semne mari de uzura, cotor prins in capse dar si urme de scotch, completa)

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Stories and art by Jimmy Dixon and others. Bloody war stories from the height of the Korean Conflict. A medic must risk his life to aid wounded soldiers on the battlefield, a topic that inspired MASH, two decades later. When an experimental US jet is forced down in enemy territory, an American platoon must risk their lives to retrieve it. “Hate!” is an example of the sort of gung-ho war story that inspired Harvey Kurtzman to create Frontline Combat over at EC Comics. Help Me!; Forced Landing!; Hero or Traitor?; Guilty!; Hate! 32 pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.10.


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