Fantastic Four 250

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Fantastic Four 250 – Ianuarie 1983
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Special 250th Giant-Size Issue. “X-Factor!” Part 2 of 2. Guest-starring Spider-Man, Captain America, and Gladiator. Story, art, and Cover by John Byrne. The Shi’ar superman known as Gladiator has just dismantled Marvel’s First Family. Now he battles his erstwhile allies the Uncanny X-Men in the devastated streets of New York City, but there is something different about Xavier’s mutants. Can the Fantastic Four figure out the mystery surrounding Marvel’s Merry Mutants and stop the uber powerful Gladiator before the city is totally destroyed? Maybe with a little help from the Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America, and the Amazing Spider-Man! Includes a pin-up of the Fantastic Four by John Byrne. Cover price $1.00.


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