Creepy 92 (Frank Frazetta)

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Creepy 92 – Octombrie 1977
Starea revistei – VF- (stare foarte buna, mici urme de uzura)

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Cover iconic de FRANK FRAZETTA!

Stories in this issue include: A Toast to No Man’s Memory by Len Wein and John Severin; Mrs. Sludge and the Pickled Octopus Raid by Bill DuBay and Luis Bermejo; Instinct by Nicola Cuti and Richard Corben; Towards High Places by Bruce Jones and Ramon Torrents; The Executioner by Russ Heath and Cary Bates; Goddess in a Kingdom of Trolls by Gerry Boudreau and Esteban Maroto; Everybody and his Sister by Jim Stenstrum and Leopold Sanchez (art miscredited to Jose Sanchez); and The Generations of Noah by Roger McKenzie and Leopoldo Duranona. Cover art by Frank Frazetta. Cover price $2.00.


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