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Brave and the Bold 76

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Brave and the Bold 76 – Martie 1968
Starea benzii desenate – Vg/FN (Stare in general buna, mici semne de uzura, completa)

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Cover by Neal Adams. “Doom, What Is Thy Shape?”, script by Bob Haney, pencils by Mike Sekowsky, inks by Jack Abel; After a series of complex heists, the Molder attracts the attention of Batman, who begins a manhunt to find the sculpting villain; The Molder gains the upper hand when he traps Batman in front of an oncoming train, however the Caped Crusader is saved by Plastic Man; The two heroes team up, and in spite of the fact that the Molder’s weapons work against Plastic Man’s abilities, the two heroes manage to trip up the crook enough for Batman to defeat the crook and turn him over to the police. Some Famous “Plastic” Men article. Robin back-up reprint, “The Man Called “50-50”! starring Robin, Commissioner James Gordon, “50-50” Finley, Pete, Ruff, Burns, and Judson, script by David Vern, art by Jim Mooney.


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