Batman 148 (Bill Finger, Joker)

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Batman 148 – Iunie 1962
Starea benzii desenate – FN/FN+ (stare foarte buna, bine prinsa, completa, mici semne de uzura – vezi foto)

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JOKER COVER din Silver Age. Bill Finger stories.

Cover de Sheldon Moldoff. “The Alien Force Twins,” script de Jerry Coleman, arta de Jim Mooney; Alien bandits create electrical twins of Batman and Robin to fend them off when the Caped Crusaders attempt to enter a strange city that appears out of nowhere. Your Pass to New Worlds! public service announcement about libraries, script by Jack Schiff, art by Sheldon Moldoff. Half-page Lefty Looie story by Henry Boltinoff.

“The Boy Who Was Robin,” script de Bill Finger, creioane de Sheldon Moldoff, culori Charles Paris; A young cousin of Bruce’s wreaks havoc by pretending to be Robin, even going so far as to hiring a crook/actor to play the role of Batman! Half-page Casey the Cop story by Henry Boltinoff. A letter from Tom Fagan of Rutland, Vermont about the Rutland Halloween Parade and its Batman float. ”

The Joker’s Greatest Triumph,” script de Bill Finger, creioane Sheldon Moldoff, culori Charles Paris; The Joker unmasks Batman but doesn’t reveal his identity. Later, he unmasks the Caped Crusader again, only to reveal a robot beneath the cowl.


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