Avengers West Coast 100 (Red Foil Var.)

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Avengers West Coast 100 – Noiembrie 1993
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Double-sized issue. Script by Roy Thomas. Pencils by Dave Ross. Inks by Tom Dzon.

Red foil cover by Dave Ross and Tom Dzon.

The Scarlet Witch leads the West Coast Avengers into Satannish’s realm to rescue Mockingbird! But on the way to Satannish’s dimension, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes must first pass through Mephisto’s domain! The five avengers successfully slip past the evil demon lord and then come face to face with Satannish and the Hangman’s Lethal Legion! And there in that cold, dark, and nightmarish realm the Avengers lay it all on the line to save Mockingbird! When Mephisto joins the battle absolute chaos erupts! But that gives the Avengers a chance to escape! Will everyone make it out alive? A heartbreaking 100th issue. Death of Mockingbird. Cameo appearances by Captain America, the Living Lightning, and Tigra. Avengers Lineup: Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman, War Machine, and the U.S. Agent.

First backup story: “And Make Death Proud to Take Us!” Script by Roy Thomas. Pencils by Don Hudson. Inks by Charles Barnett. A downtrodden Hawkeye recalls a happier time when he and Mockingbird battled Crossfire while searching for a suitable west coast headquarters. Second backup story: “Boys Will Be Boys” Script by Jim Novak. Pencils by Tom Tenney. Inks by Avon. Agonizing over the deaths of his parents, the U.S. Agent returns to Georgia to visit their graves. Third backup story: “Wild in the Streets!” Script by Len Kaminski. Pencils by Tom Morgan. Inks by Don Cameron. In the streets of Los Angeles, War Machine battles the Hate Monger. 64 pages Cover price $3.95.


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