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Amazing Spider-Man 50 (Primul Kingpin)

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Amazing Spider-Man 50 – Iulie 1967
Starea benzii desenate – VG/VG+ (Stare buna, bine prinsa, completa, vezi foto pentru semnele de uzura)

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Numar cu cover CLASIC si o prima aparitie a nemesis-ului Daredevil sau Spider-Man – THE KINGPIN! Ajuta si faptul ca povestea este semnata Stan Lee iar creioanele sunt ale maestrului John Romita. 

Cover de John Romita. Prima aparitie Kingpin in Spider-Man No More!, script de Stan Lee, creioane John Romita, culori Mike Esposito [ca Mickey Dimeo]; Fearing for his aunt’s health and tired of being hounded by Jameson, Peter gives up being Spider-Man and concentrates on being a simple college student; A kid finds the discarded Spidey suit in the trash can and brings it to the Daily Bugle where Jonah proudly puts it on display; Pete’s personal life starts looking up but crime increases as the Kingpin gathers the mob under his leadership; Feeling guilty about the crime wave, Peter remembers the lessons taught to him by his uncle’s death and decides to become Spider-Man once again. Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon cameos. Reprintat in Marvel Tales #190.


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