Amazing Spider-Man 232

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Septembrie 1982
Starea benzii desenate – VF-

“Hyde…in Plain Sight!” Script by Roger Stern. Pencils by John Romita Jr. Inks by Jim Mooney. Cover by John Romita Jr. and Al Milgrom. The web-slinger’s plan to turn the Cobra over to the authorities has hit a snag! And what a big snag it is! Mister Hyde! The savage super-villain wants his former partner…in one piece or two! And if he has to break Spider-Man in half to accomplish his psychotic goal…so be it! In spectacular fashion, Mr. Hyde and the wall-crawler wage a ferocious battle until only one man is left standing! A fabulous fight! Cameo appearances by Ned Leeds, Dr. Marla Madison, and Debra Whitman. (Notes: Mr. Hyde previously appeared in Captain America 252 and returns in Spectacular Spider-Man 88. This story was reprinted in Spider-Man Megazine 4. The back cover features a Megaforce ad drawn by William Stout.) 32 pages. Cover price $0.60.


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