Amazing Spider-Man 1 (One Shot, Origin of the HUNTER)

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Amazing Spider-Man 1 One Shot – Aprilie 2010
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Written by Marc Guggenheim, Stan Lee. You know them as the sinister masterminds behind AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: THE GAUNTLET, now rediscover the origin of Spider-Man’s fiercest familial foes, the Kravinoffs! Once the greatest hunter of all time, Kraven had single-handedly trapped and killed every type of beast that lives, until his obsession with Spider-Man drove him to his grave. Now, with his journal uncovered by his daughter Ana, witness a more in-depth look at his earliest battles with Spider-Man! Reprinting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #15 and #34 in fully remastered color, with all-new pages and framing sequence by Marc Guggenheim and Mike Mayhew. Rated T+


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