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Adventures into Unknown 50 (Gold Age!)

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Adventures Into Unknown 50 – Decembrie 1953
Starea benzii desenate – G+/VG- (semne de uzura aferente anilor, completa, prinsa de cotor si centrul prins)

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Stories in the pre-Comics Code issue: “The Labyrinth of Daboor,” “The Road to Death,” “The Imposter,” si “I am a Zombie.” Editata de Richard E. Hughes. Cover de Ken Bald. Povesti de Robert McCarty, Dick Beck, George Klein, Pete Riss, Ken Bald, Bernard Sachs, Jack Abel, William Weltman si Lin Streeter.

Povesti horror, de suspense si supranaturala! Pregateste-te pentru ADVENTURES INTO UNKNOWN, necenzurate de Comics Code!!! 


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